What is Aikido-JJitsu?


What is Aikido-JJitsu?

Aiki-jjutsu, also known as Daitō-ryuumai Aiki-Jutsu, was initially known as Daitaku-ryuumai Aiki. Aiki-jjutsu, also called Daitō-ryuumai Aiki, is a Japanese self-defense system that was developed under the tutelage of Takeda Sokaku. Takeda Sokaku was a practitioner of the Buddhist discipline of Buddhism and believed that true martial strength could be found in meditation and prayer. This made him a strong believer in the healing power of healing hands. Because of this, in Aiki-jjutsu, healers are not used. Instead, the technique is geared towards defending the person and any nearby area from attack with the use of a variety of weapons including: sticks, swords, knives, arrows, etc.

This technique was officially established in Japan in the year eighteen seventy-one by a twenty-year old master named Kano. He developed the Aiki-Jutsu after years of study with a Master called Kanno Taishi. After studying with him, Kano came to the conclusion that physical combat could not only cause injuries, but could be deadly if practiced incorrectly. Therefore, he developed this martial art in order to protect himself and his students.

Aiki-jjutsu uses the philosophy of combining the physical senses with the spiritual in order to achieve an increased level of awareness. A sense of balance is very important in Aiki-jjutsu. This way of thinking becomes extremely important in keeping both the body and the mind in a physical and mental state of alertness. This technique also teaches students how to use both their physical and spiritual resources to protect themselves. When students are able to maintain a good state of awareness, it allows them to perceive objects and events much more clearly which in turn will help them avoid danger. A higher level of perception also allows students to protect themselves better in a fight since they won’t be so distracted by the battlefield chaos.

There are several different Aiki-jjutsu techniques that are used in the class.

The physical techniques include; Shodokan, Zanshin, Bujinkan, and Hachiman. All of these techniques have been developed in order to defend the body and the student from attackers and allow them to escape from them when necessary.

In addition to the physical Aiki Jiu Jitsu forms, there are also other spiritual techniques that students learn in the Aiki Jiu-Jitsu Academy. This includes such practices as chanting, meditation, and symbolic movements. All of these techniques are geared towards preparing the body and the mind for self-defense and survival under combat circumstances. However, the most important thing is that students learn to respect each other and are careful not to fight unless absolutely necessary. They also learn to de-escalate situations so that both parties can come together to find a solution that works for everyone.

The most basic technique taught in Aiki Jiu-Jitsu is Uchin San. This technique teaches the student how to protect his or her entire body from an attacker. In order to do this the student must protect the legs and feet through Uchin San. This technique can also be done without the use of the legs or feet by stretching the body into a straight position and using the legs to guide the body into the right position.

Techniques such as Seiseki, Hakutsuru, and Bambi Sake are also taught in Aiki Jiu-Jitsu. Seiseki deals with defense techniques while Hakutsuru deals with striking techniques. Bambi Sake is using to teach self-defense techniques that can be utilized when opponents are standing still. It also teaches techniques such as belly dancing and other dance types. Each one of these techniques teach how to control the opponent using various techniques such as joint locks and choke holds.

The martial art of Aikido Jiu-Jitsu has become more popular than ever throughout the United States. Many local gyms have Aikido classes available for use by students as well as fitness enthusiasts. It is a good way to learn martial arts techniques without the high cost and risks associated with regular practice of more mainstream martial arts training.

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