Waterproof Golf Shoes – Comfort, Style and Protection All in One

Waterproof Golf Shoes – Comfort, Style and Protection All in One

The waterproof golf shoes industry is a $2.7 billion industry in the US. This huge industry has come up to provide the most quality products at affordable prices. Professionals have spent time extensively researching and uncovering the very best for you. In this effort, several top-rated shoes from various different marketplace based on many parameters have been reviewed by experts in the field.

waterproof golf shoes


This has given rise to hundreds of waterproof golf shoes with varied pros and cons.

The two most important factors considered when buying these products are durability and waterproof warranty. These are considered to be the two cornerstones of any great product. Some of the shoes come with full leather upper, while others come with just suede upper. If you are looking for leather upper waterproof shoes, here are some points that might help you in making your decision.


Style: Style is one of the most important aspects while selecting a good waterproof golf shoes. Different golfers prefer a different style of footwear. While others love the elegant looks of suede shoes, some of them are the fans of pure leather footwear. It is always advisable to try on a few pairs of footwear so as to determine the type of look that suits you best. Your personal preference and taste can play a significant role while choosing the right brand. The best waterproof golf shoes will possess features like traction control, multi-studded sole, toe cap, comfort grip, etc.


Durability: One of the main factors to consider while purchasing a pair of best waterproof golf shoes is durability. This feature can be determined by the materials used to make the shoes. Quality materials used are more durable and can withstand extreme conditions like extreme temperature variations, moisture, etc. Look for the durability rating before you choose your footwear.


Breathability: Another important factor to consider while purchasing waterproof footwear is breathability. Breathability plays an important role in keeping your feet cool during hot days. Your feet tend to absorb the sweat produced by your body in order to stay dry. Waterproof shoes with proper breathability to allow air to flow through from your feet and keep you dry and fresh. There are two different types of material available in the market, natural leathers and synthetic uppers. Natural leathers are considered to be better than synthetic uppers in terms of breathability and durability.


Traction Control: A good pair of shoes will have the traction control built-in. Most of the professionals prefer puma trainers as they provide complete traction in all the important areas of the game. There are two types of traction, flat and lateral. Most of the trainers come with both flat and lateral traction but many of them only offer flat traction.


Comfort: The uppers, cushioning, and meddlesome are the most important parts of your shoes. You need to choose uppers that are flexible so that they can respond to changes in direction of the swing. Cushioning of the shoes should provide enough pressure so that you can easily turn in any direction without any hassle. Midsole is another important part that should provide good cushioning and breathability so that your feet remain comfortable throughout the game.


Overall, Nike Lunar control Vapor shoes are quite popular among golfers. These shoes are basically engineered with the technologies that are preferred by professional golfers. They are lightweight, durable and provide a complete grip on the turf. It offers high traction, great comfort and overall quality. Available in striking colors such as black and grey, these nikes also look great on your feet!

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