Throwball – A Low Sport For All Ages

Throwball – A Low Sport For All Ages

Throwball is basically a non-physical ball game played on a flat net between two teams of ten players each on a square-shaped field. It’s popular in Asia, particularly on the Indian sub-continent, and had only been played legally in India until the 1940s when it was first offered as a girls’ sport. Like baseball, the origins of the game are related to the YMCA. Originally, it was an all-male sports club, but women’s players began participating as the popularity of the sport grew.


Throwball differs from volleyball in the way it is played and the rules applied. In throwball, each team must consist of eleven players including the captain. The sport is played on an oval or a circular field that is at least six feet long by six feet wide. The ball is played at one end of the field and is allowed to travel only three inches toward the other end. The object of the game is to take the ball into the opposing end of the field without letting it roll any way towards its destination.

If a team scores fifteen points in a row, they win the game. If a team scores more than fifteen points in a row, they lose the game. Other rules apply. When a team plays without using three sets, they do not score points.

Unlike volleyball, kickboxing involves striking with the legs, not the butt. This makes the game more strenuous for players. Unlike basketball and soccer, throwball requires players to move their hands and arms at full speed for most of the duration of the game. They also engage in extensive training for muscle strength and endurance.

The sport of throwball has been around for about forty years in the United States. It is becoming more popular as the sport becomes more accepted by cities and schools. In a recent survey, thirty-one percent of American high school students indicated that they wanted to play the sport. Throwball matches can usually be found in a school’s gym or rec center. Because the sport is so physically demanding, players will often work with a personal trainer. This trainer can teach players the proper way to grip the ball and where to place their hands when throwing it.

Throwball players may compete against each other or against the computer

whichever allows them to the greatest degree of dexterity. In Chennai, one team holds the record for the most number of wins over a set period of time. Chennai is also the home of the official throwback tournament known as the Chennai SuperSix. This tournament is played every year and players from all over the country travel to Chennai to take part in this.

The game of throwball has also caught on with other areas of the world. In India, the sport is widely played by women. Most Indian women begin to play with their friends. In Malaysia, a national team was created in 1997 to compete in international competitions, and Indian women have begun to play against teams from Malaysia.

A throwback game usually consists of at least four to six players on each team, with each team receiving three throws (two throws per player). The game ends when there are no more makes on the court. Each player receives one point for each point that they make on the court. Players can accumulate more points than their opponents if they hit the boards during play. Each team scores differently. No team is ever eliminated during play unless there are only three makes on the court, in which case the game is over and the winner is the team with the most points.

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