Sambo Slice Loses His Title to Ken Shamrock


Sambo Slice Loses His Title to Ken Shamrock

Sambo is one of the great up-and-coming fighters in mixed martial arts. He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is scheduled to have his first fight against journeyman heavyweight Francisco Estrada on August 5 in San Antonio, Texas. I believe that this fight will be a high-class affair. After all, Estrada has only fought very good competition.

Sambo is going up against someone who probably hasn’t even heard of him before in the UFC or WEC. He should be able to defeat “The Colossus”. But I see him having a rough time. He’s fighting a guy who is considered by many to be the best light heavyweight in the world. This should be a real challenge for Sambo.

However, what makes this fight interesting is the fact that it will be held in Brazil. In other words, it will be Sambo’s first taste of how high-class MMA really is. I think he will have a very good training camp because he will be fighting for top caliber opponents.

When I watch Sambo

I see a very talented young man. He is not the biggest guy in the gym, but he isn’t small either. I also see a kid who is very eager to learn and absorb everything that he is taught. It is an advantage for him. He should have no problem taking down his upcoming opponent and applying a good submission hold until the fight is over.

This kid also has the ability to frustrate his opponents. He is a very skilled technician. He can come into the fight with a few well-placed jabs to put an opponent off guard. He can also throw in a few hard shots to put an opponent off guard. A lot of wrestlers have trouble dealing with shots from top position. Sambo has learned to deal with them already.

He also has a very good ground game. He is very comfortable on his feet and has been doing that for a long time. He knows how to move around in the ring and figure out angles to attack his opponent from different positions. If he has a good ground game, he can stay out of trouble and not get caught in the scramble.

Even though Sambo is a big name in the UFC, he has never faced a top ten opponent in the past. I doubt he will face top-caliber competition anytime soon. That is probably all that matters in the octagon. He hasn’t done enough to make that happen.

All things considered, Sambo has a long road ahead of him. He will most likely be fighting other top fighters at some point. However, for now he is just too raw to compete with the top guys. He needs plenty of training before he can challenge the best of the best.

He should start getting some soon. Right now he is only getting by against very small fighters. He doesn’t have the size and strength to put a huge edge on them. Plus, he has been getting beat up quite easily.

Sambo’s next fight could be against another top rated bruiser. Someone that can really hurt him and make him feel bad. Someone like Fedor. Fedor is a very powerful Russian fighter and has beaten some of the best fighters in the world. The main question is, can Sambo handle the pressure and the fight?

It appears that Sambo is still trying to find his way into the big fight thing. He wants to fight against the best and earn his title. He won’t do that with just beating up people. Plus, if he does get a chance to fight Fedor or someone like him, it won’t be a pretty sight. He probably won’t survive it.

As soon as he gets his title shot, Sambo will most likely be out of the picture. He may end up fighting some of the other smaller fighters in the UFC, but that is about it. He is past the point of being a top contender.

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