Krabi Krabong of Botswana

Krabi Krabong is an amazing authentic martial art form from Thailand. It is very much related to other Southeast Asian combat styles including Malay karate, Burmese k Boxing, Khmer boran and Cambodiaian kopstick. The late king of Thailand was also said to be extremely trained in Krabikrabong, making it a must for the Thai Royal Bodyguard Corps.

Krabi Krabong means “the sharp-blade hand.” This type of martial arts was developed as a close-quarter combat system using only weapons used in this specific area. The art includes kicks, strikes, elbows, blocks, grappling, throwing and striking. Its purpose is to develop and perfect a highly efficient hand-to-hand combatant with an outstanding skill in using all kinds of weapons. Its unique feature is that, the purpose of the techniques is adapted from various Thai, Chinese and Indian fighting methods.

Krabi Krabong of Botswana

Krabi Krabong

This was and still is one of the most famous Martial Arts Forms in the world. Although it evolved from other forms of fighting and weaponry used in the olden times, the style retains many of its old techniques such as the throws and blocks. These are developed especially for Thailand National Martial Arts Festival (NMAF), which is held every year in Krabi itself. However, it has been around for many years in other countries. For instance, the karate form of krabong was developed by Shotokan karate in Japan and is commonly used in competitions all over the world.

Krabi Krabong its origins can be traced back to the ancient nomadic tribes from Thailand and Burma.

They used to practice a lot of shadow boxing, striking with their feet and head, acrobatics, gymnastic exercises, running and climbing up tall hills. These activities were done without any weapon or protective gears, and the aim of these activities was protection from enemies. As time went by, more martial arts forms were introduced such as Thai boxing, kung fu, open-palms kung fu, folk dancing and luge wrestling. All these combined together formed Krabikrabong martial arts.

Kung Fu: Kung fu was another form of weaponry training. It incorporated a mixture of striking with the fist and kicking with the foot. Its long tradition started in the Southern Shaolin Kingdom (now known as China), and eventually spread all over the country and beyond. The most famous martial artist from this school is Bruce Lee, who is internationally known as the “Fighter” from the Bruce Lee Filmography.

Kicks and strikes: Kicking and striking are the two primary weapons used in Krabikrabong, although there is an imaginary battle arena in which the fighters train to see who can strike their opponent the hardest. Although no protective gear is worn in this sport, the fighters usually carry some form of weapon to inflict injury. One of the most common weapons used in krabongo is the muay Thai stick. The main advantage of a muay Thai stick is that it is very strong, which enables the fighter to coerce his opponent into throwing caution to the wind and rushing into the combat. Although the stick has not been proven as effective as a weapon in one on one combat, it is still quite useful in a group attack or as a distraction. Most muay Thai sticks are made of wood with a handle, but there are some made of metal.

Krabikrabong, and all its forms of martial arts, are believed to have been introduced to Europe by travellers from Asia. It is said that the early travellers, who travelled by ship over the Andes Mountains, were attacked by tribesmen while picking berries. These berries were then eaten, although the natives were not aware of what was happening until the men had returned to their camp. The story then goes that the Europeans, tired of being attacked so frequently, decided to form some form of self-defence amongst themselves, and krabong was born. Some say that the natives had seen the natives of South America using similar sticks, so they took the shape of their sticks and called them krabongs. From this point on, many of the traditions of krabong were put together, although some say that the origin of the martial arts should be traced back to Thailand, where it was known as Muay Thai.

Krabikrabong, Botswana: Although not directly related to Muay Thai, some claim that it is not an authentic krabong. The styles of both are similar in the way that both require an opponent to be struck with a hard object, such as a club or stick. However, the forms differ immensely when comparing the actual strikes made by krabongs to those of Muay Thai. A krabong is actually a spear or club which is aimed at the opponent’s body, with the aim being to stun or distract the opponent long enough for the user to get to safety. Muay Thai on the other hand, uses a wooden stick or spear which is specifically aimed to cause injury.

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