Ice Cricket is an adaptation of the English sport cricket

Ice cricket

Ice Cricket is an adaptation of the English sport cricket

Ice cricket is usually played in wintry, harsh conditions. The main difference between Ice Cricket and regular forms of cricket pitched in the winter months is that Ice Cricket is actually played right on the ice, without any protective mat is ever laid down. It is played with a standard ball and is scored only when it reaches the batsman’s hand. If it touches the wall or any part of the outfield, the batsman is declared out, regardless of whether or not he has actually hit the ball! The only way to determine this is by watching the matches being played around the country and seeing if there are any errors made either by the batsman or any other member of the team

Ice cricket is not merely played on ice; it can also take place in water.

Lakeside venues have increasingly become popular Ice Strome venues for this winter season. The venues generally offer a comfortable warm up period before the matches and during this time the players can train in an ice room. This training gives them the competitive edge they need in order to win the trophy.

Pakistan is hosting teams from all over the world in what is expected to be an exciting intra-Asian competition next year. While many are focused on the overall standings and how each team will do against the others, few are aware that the Ice Hockey Association of Pakistan will be holding its own season of Ice Hockey from February through March, at a venue that has been selected specifically for this very purpose. The facility is known as a frozen lake, but as many know, the only way to play this sport in the winter months is on an ice lake! And the name of the town where the tournament is scheduled to be played, Lake Pichola in Fauji, is not merely a place where people go to fish, but is one of the best venues on the subcontinent for ice hockey.

A majority of teams participating in the Pakistan event are from cities around Pakistan such as Lahore and Karachi. The two cities have long been renowned as a venue for cricket, and both the PCB and ICAI are doing their best to ensure that the players get to experience a taste of international hockey. The players who have earned international repute for their abilities include players like Safa Mehendi, Sarfraz Ahmed, Shahid Afridi, Asad Shaidoo, Waizaz Sheikh, Javed Baig and Kasim Chowdhry. These players have a lot of respect in the country for playing such games on a regular basis and have helped the sport to gain a lot of momentum both in and out of Pakistan. It is only natural that fans of the game are excited about this potential opportunity to be a part of it.

The Ice Cricket Association of Pakistan is organizing this tournament to help youngsters realize the passion for the game. This is also the first ever tournament to be played at the prestigious Glendale Winter Festival. The players have been given special treatment to make sure they do not face any sort of dehydration during the tournament. It should be noted that this tournament is not going to be held anywhere near an ice rink. The venues for this tournament will be announced soon enough and once the dates and venues are finalised; you will be able to watch ice hockey matches without having to travel any further.

This tournament is being organized by Ice Cream Entertainment and is scheduled from December of this year till March of next year. It is interesting to note that the venue for this tournament will be played in the Swiss Alps. The organizers wish to stress that this tournament is not intended to be played on an ice rink but will be played on an artificial surface with temperatures of minus 8 degrees Celsius. Considering that Switzerland is known for having some pretty good recreational facilities the organizers are confident that the players will be able to warm up well on the artificial surface. This will help them not only during the tournament but also for the rest of their lives.

A tournament which is being played at the same venue in February every year is also being planned. Earlier the details regarding this tournament were scarce but as things are getting near to its conclusion now all that remains is for confirmation from the organizers. Other than Ice Cream Entertainment, the other important players involved are the Swiss National Bank and the Cantillon. IHT has already confirmed that they will be taking part in this event along with the Cantillon and the St Moritz.

The Ice Hockey World Cup is another popular event, which will be played somewhere in Europe. The teams, which are taking part in this tournament are France, Canada, United States, Sweden and Germany. Twenty-one nations have been confirmed so far for this tournament, which is scheduled from February 1st to February 4th this year. The tournament has a very interesting background. The winner of this tournament gets to meet the President of China and a chance to entertain the Chinese people.

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