Different Forms Of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu, pronounced as Shaolong kung Fu, is one of today’s most popular styles of kung fu, or martial arts. It is a refined and complete form of traditional Chinese martial arts that focuses on perfecting the internal and external energy flow. It was developed and founded by Chinese monks who were later known as Shaolin masters. The original intent of this martial art is not clear, but it was created to protect China’s soldiers in their long wars with the Japanese army. Because of its durability and skills, Shaolin kung Fu has been passed down and adopted by other martial arts schools and is now enjoyed by people from different walks of life.

Today, there are more than 80 different styles of martial arts including such classics as Wing Chun, Hapkido, and the various branches of Karate. One of the most popular forms of martial arts in the United States today is Shaolin Kung Fu. Some of the best and most experienced Shaolin kung fu masters can take students on an intense personal fitness program, while other people simply enjoy participating in this sport. Some have become experts in this field and do teach seminars all over the world on how to perform this exercise.

There are three main schools of Shaolin kung fu in China

namely the Five Families Kung Fu, the White Crane Kung Fu, and the Flower Water Kung Fu. Each of these styles has developed its own unique features, but they all have adopted concepts from the original Shaolin Temple form of Kung Fu. In addition to the various styles, there are also sub-styles. Some popular ones include:

The founder of the Five Families Kung Fu school, Li Zhi, received training at the Shaolin Temple. After training there for several years, he began to promote his philosophy of peace through inner strength and eventually established the Shaolin monastery. When he died, his students spread his teachings throughout China, especially to the kingdom of Shuai Kaifeng. As a result, Shaolin kung fu became famous throughout China and was embraced by the whole country.

The white crane kung fu was created by Sunflower Hall. He studied kung fu with many of the great kung fu masters of the past, but he also drew on many of his own techniques and experiences growing up as a kid in rural China. He studied both boxing and wrestling during his early years, but he quickly discovered that martial arts were far more appealing to him as a youth. He abandoned the martial arts world after leaving school and began studying acupuncture instead. Today, he is the largest contributor to the teaching of this Chinese martial art.

Other influences of Shaolin Kung Fu have been the Buddhist doctrines of Yin and Yang, and the philosophical concepts of Analects. According to these concepts, there are seven elements, each one of which is capable of changing one’s state of being. These elements are earth, water, fire, metal, wood, and rock. The concept of yin and yang is a fundamental part of this philosophy. Because of this, shaolin kung fu practitioners have always held the belief that through mastering the different aspects of these elements, one can transform himself from an ordinary person into a being fit for gods.

One of the most significant characteristics of this martial arts form is its strong emphasis on internal power. Many of its movements depend on chi flow, which it believes can only occur if the practitioner is able to control his internal energy. At the Shaolin monastery, for instance, there are trained monks who regularly perform exercises in order to control and channel this inner force. It is said that the abbot, who is in charge of all Shaolin monastery activities, once held a conference in which all of the monks were present, wherein he explained the need for the monks to learn these powerful techniques and that he would teach them in order for the monastery to live up to the expectations of the Chinese people.

Another form of Shaolin kung fu is the Five Animal style. This was created by Taiwanese master Wumen Shi, who also studied with the original mastersticks of Sun Frost and Hung Gar. His aim was to create a new form of karate that would be more appealing to the audience as well as to his fellow masters. His Five Animal styles have influenced many martial arts forms today, especially the karate style known as Karate. The influence of Five Animal style has allowed it to evolve into various different styles, such as the Koi form of karate and the Goju form of judo.

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