Difference Between Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo

Difference Between Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo

Tang Soo Do refers to an ancient Korean martial art developed by Cho Yong-Sul. Born in Korea, it is believed to have been developed from other martial arts such as Japanese Karate, Chinese Wing Chun and Shaolin Stick Martial Arts. The basic principle taught in this form of martial art is that the body is used to attack the opponents without any reliance on the arms or legs. The concept is that one must use the force of the body in order to defend oneself against attacks and not rely on any of the traditional weapons. This makes Tang Soo Do a very unique martial art as it focuses its techniques on the individual combatant and not on fighting tactics.

Tang Soo Do

In addition to this unique concept there are also some very interesting physical aspects that are incorporated into this form of martial arts. One of the most notable aspects of this form of kung fu is the strong emphasis on leg strength. It is common for a Tang Soo student to be trained to hold a kung fu stick with both hands. A high level student will then be able to throw this powerful weapon accurately with great speed and power.

There are many different types of kicks that can be used in Tang Soo Do.

Most of the techniques involve combinations of footwork and kicks that can be delivered in an effective manner. One of the more unusual forms of kicks involves using the back leg to perform the technique known as the back kick. The purpose of this technique is to strike at the opponent’s head from the back while moving into the front with the front leg.

One of the more striking techniques used in tang soo is known as the front kick. This technique is executed by striking the opponent’s leg with the front foot. By moving into the front with the front leg this strikes the opponent’s lower back and enables the attacker to move into the attacking position and deliver a powerful blow. Another technique that can be used is known as the back kick. In this technique, the front leg is used to deliver a kick to the opponents back.

It should be noted that there is considerable amount of flexibility within the art of tang soo. It should not be considered a martial art that requires uniformity in terms of techniques or uniform movements. It is important to be comfortable and confident when participating in sparring. It is recommended that the participant to use a self-defense training product that teaches specific kicks and strikes.

The martial art of tang soo was developed during the period of Japanese occupation in Korea in the years prior to World War II. Many of the techniques were adopted from Chinese weaponry and combat methods. It is one of the few traditional martial arts that do not feature a traditional boxing style. Many of the moves are similar to other martial arts such as taekwondo and karate.

The techniques focus on the use of the legs, but there are also some hand techniques which use both the arms and legs. There are five distinct phases in learning the art. The first phase is called the beginning of awareness. This is the foundation stage and teaches the student how to properly defend themselves. During the second phase a student is able to begin applying techniques based on what they have learned in the first phase.

In spite of the similarity between taekwondo and karate and tang soo do have some differences. Taekwondo is based on striking with the legs while tang soo does not. The striking methods used in taekwondo are geared more towards blocking. Kata also involves striking with the legs, but the strikes in karate include elbow strikes and blocks. Because of these differences, it is suggested that students take a training class or watch a documentary of an actual combat situation to determine which martial art will work best for them.

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